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Government Advocacy • Public Relations • Environmental Consulting

Key practice areas
• Marine Resources, Boating and Energy
• Macondo Oil Spill, RESTORE, NRDA and NFWF

Peggy H. Mathews


Steven E. Webster


MW Consulting was a 2013 Sponsor of the Fourth Annual Florida Keys Day. MW has worked on behalf of Monroe County, focusing on Deepwater Horizon oil spill-related issues.

MW Consulting Services

Government Relations

  • Lobby state agencies and legislatures and develop bill and rule language
  • Direct government and public relations, media management, website development and collateral material production

Association Management

  • Full-service association management
  • Fulfill association mission and achieve Board of Directors goals
  • Membership management, recruitment and retention
  • Meeting planning including site selection, scheduling, venue negotiations, guest speakers, promotion, and onsite management
  • Write, edit and produce print and online publications
  • Manage websites and social media
  • Budgeting and accountability

Marine Construction & Boating

  • Closely monitor FWC, FWS, NOAA, other waterways regulatory agencies and RESTORE Act administrators
  • Champio the consistent and fair application of rules and regulations regarding permits, licensing, insurance and operation
  • Access to regulators and legislators
  • Creating and managing exciting industry events including trade shows, conferences and events

Biofuels and Bioenergy

  • Permit management from preapplication to approval
  • Identify feedstock suppliers
  • Evaluate construction, specifying and engineering project bids
  • Construction management
  • Integration of advanced technologies

Business Planning & Development

  • Project search consulting, including development of RFPs and bid evaluation
  • Identify grant sources and prepare grant applications
  • Evaluate economic and production feasibility
  • Identify applicable Federal, State and local incentives and credits
  • Identify renewable and energy-efficient tax credits and incentives

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We are judged by the company we keep.

Clients rely on MW’s reputation for integrity, intelligence and innovation to facilitate access to decision- and policy-makers, develop business relationships, raise visibility, and move projects from concept to completion.

Mathews Named to Florida Association of Environmental Professional Tallahassee Chapter Board of Directors

The Florida Association of Environmental Professionals - Tallahassee Chapter (TAEP) is an affiliate of the Florida Association of Environmental Professionals (FAEP).  The Florida state chapter was founded in 1987 and has eight local chapters throughout the state. The group convenes monthly to network and learn about current topics pertaining to our fields and specific to our region. 

Members include  public sector and private sector environmental engineers, environmental attorneys, planners, wetland scientists, geologists, botanists, zoologists, biologists, hydrologists, and many other disciplines that perform environmental work.

Mathews will serve a two-year term on the Board.

Gov Scott Names Mathews to Greenways &Trails Council

MW CEO Peggy Mathews has been appointed by Gov Scott to the Florida Greenways and Trails Council. She is appointed for a term beginning June 25, 2014, and ending January 23, 2015. In addition to her years of experience with environmental protection and regulation, Mathews is an avid equestrian who frequently rides the trails.

The Council advises the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on greenway and trail related issues, promote intergovernmental cooperation and private partnerships for developing the greenways and trails system, recommend priorities for critical links in the system, and provide funding recommendations for developing and managing the system. Click here for more information about the Council.

NFWF Selects MW-CSA Oyster Restoration Plan for Full Proposal

Oysters being transferred in Ocklochonee Bay in late 2013, the final year of a relay program funded by a NOAA grant administered by Florida's Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The MW/CSA/Wakulla Waterfronts proposal will continue, and expand, Wakulla oyster transfers.

The National Fish & Wildlife Foundation has selected an oyster assessment, monitoring and restoration project developed by MW and client CSA Ocean Sciences to proceed on to the full application phase of NFWF's 2014 funding cycle.

Partnering with Panacea Waterfronts Florida, a well-regarded community group along the Gulf Coast of the Florida Panhandle, and working closely with Wakulla County, the $2 million three-year plan creates a template for science-based assessment of oyster resources along Florida's Gulf Coast.

Once the assessment is complete, restoration work will move up to 750,000 bushels of live oysters from closed waters where harvest is not permitted, to open waters. Once moved, these self-filtering oysters can be legally harvested in about two weeks. Equally important, relocated oysters will help rebuild existing oyster bars and establish new bars. Ongoing monitoring will ensure that struggling oystermen and women can earn a living in the short-term, while building a sustainable oyster fishery that can be productively managed for years to come.

Wakulla County historically has been the second-largest oyster producer in Florida, but, in the aftermath of the oil spill, production has declined significantly

Wakulla County is particulalry well-suited for transfers. What has been missing in the past -- and is addressed in the proposal -- is a science-based system to plan, monitor and evaluate the project's success.

The project has has been submitted to Florida's DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) for funding through the Federal RESTORE Act.

MW Assists Monroe County with Oil Spill Efforts

Monroe County includes the Florida Keys, the chain of islets off Florida's southern shore. While a long way from the Macondo Oil Spill, the possibility that oil from the disaster could reach the Keys sent shock waves through a county that is almost impossible to protect using conventional boom and dispersal methods. Moreover, with close-by Cuba now drilling for oil, Monroe needed to act -- and fast.

Neugent Robinson
Monroe's George Neugent with Escambia's Grover Robinson.

The County retained MW Consulting to represent the its interests before the Florida Commission on Oil Spill Response, a state commission created to examine -- and hopefully correct -- the incredibly flawed initial response to the Macondo spill. MW road herd on the Commission and saw to it that language recognizing the risk and special needs of Monroe was included in the final report.

MW then led the County through the process of setting up a local RESTORE committee -- as public involvement is a requirement of the RESTORE Act. MW also helped develop several project proposals, and submitted them for funding consideration. The work that MW performed put Monroe ahead of just about every other Florida county, and helped ensure a leadership role for Monroe as the oil spill recovery process rolls out over the next several years.

MW Working With Counties on Oil Spill Aftermath

Since August, 2012, MW has been criss-crossing Florida's Gulf Coast from Escambia to Monroe counties to help clients in the aftermath of the BP oil spill. As part of an historic congressional agreement, fines that BP will pay will flow not to the US Treasury but to the five Gulf Coast states -- Texas, Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Here in the Sunshine State, the "RESTORE Act" established a unique consortium of Gulf Coast counties that have almost-final say-so over an almost unheard-of amount of fine money, by most estimates at least $1 billion for the 23 Gulf Coast counties, and potentially much more.

It's an unlikely bonanza resulting from tragedy -- a flow of funds for environmental and economic projects that participants are already calling "stimulus 2.0" -- with everyone intending that this time, we'll get it right. MW is closely working with clients on water quality, seagrass and oyster bed restoration, and water runoff mitigation as priority projects.

MW Offers New Online Services and Features

Our website now features a News Blog, featuring opinion pieces about politics and policy. We also have added a News Feed, a subscription-based email news service that provides readers with the latest news on boating, marine industry, environment, biofuels and bioenergy. We've also updated our site for mobile devices, and for easier and more secure ways to contact us.

MW CEO and President Address Stem to Stern Conference

MW Consulting CEO Peggy Mathews delivered a powerful call for limiting Federal regulation of Florida waterways at the recent "Stem to Stern II" conference, sponsored by Florida Sea Grant. Her presentation, which is available here (along with other presentations), examined proposed Federal rules that would effectively ban overnight visits to many islands, restrict use of miles of shoreline, and even forbid some vessels from use of the waters of Federal stemsternparks and preserves entirely. She spoke on behalf of client American Waterways Association.CEO Steven Webster addressed a different aspect of over-regulation: the need for regulators to demonstrate the effectiveness of manatee boat speed zones before futher zones are implemented. His findings on behalf of client Citizens For Florida's Waterways can be viewed here. Stem to Stern II took place May 15-17 in Clearwater Beach.

Mathews and Webster surveyed the 100+ attendees about interest in Green Marine Summit II (GMSII), which will build on the success of the first GMS summit held in 2008, the first to discuss building, product and planning practices for sustainable, affordable, marine construction. GMS II is in development, and will include segments on "green" fuels and boating. Webster organized and hosted the first Green Marine Summit.

MW President Speaks at FESC Summit

MW Consulting President Steven Webster spoke at the recent Florida Energy Systems Consortium Summit on "Establishing a Sustainable Feedstock Industry in the Southeast." In an environment dominated by news of misuse of government funds by grant and loan awardees, and the likelihood that Federal and state funding for bioenergy will soon end, he urged government to get out of the business of picking winners and losers, and to focus on gathering and providing information that will help farmers, facility owners and financiers network more efficiently.

MW Develops Businss Plan for Southwest Florida Biodiesel Facility

MW Consulting, on behalf of Florida Fuel Solutions LLC, researched and wrote a detailed business plan in support of the company's efforts to secure equity funding for a 6.6 milion gallon per year biodiesel facility in Palmetto, Florida.

MW Uses Biomass Crop to Soak Up Deepwater Horizon Oil

kenaf crew

MW Consulting and a group of farmers demonstrated how kenaf, a biomass crop, can be used to absorb oil from the Deepwater Horizon disaster. MW arranged the demonstration with Florida DEP, US EPA, the Coast Guard and several counties, held on Pensacola Beach July 1, 2010.

MW Principals are growers themselves, with 200 acres of renewable feedstocks under cultivation in Southwest Florida.

Kenaf's oil absorbent qualities were first documented in 1999 by the US Navy. MW located this information when performing due diligence on kenaf's high energy output (7500 BTU / lb).

MW Consulting Forms Marine Construction Lobbying Alliance With CFFW

MW Consulting has formed a strategic partnership with Florida's oldest and largest recreational boating advisory association Citizens For Florida's Waterways, to provide governmental advocacy (lobbying) services to marine construction industry businesses.

The cost is $250 per year.

MW Consulting principals bring more than 40 years of success and experience in the marine construction and boating worlds to the new program, which will ensure that the marine construction industry in Florida will retain vital access to government leaders, and the opportunity to lead and shape legislation and rules that affect their industry and livelihoods.

Click here to read more about this important new capability.
To download an application to join, click here.


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